Monday, June 30, 2008

Thing #3

I created a new blog. I have my own personal blog on Blogger so I was familiar with the setup. I'm looking forward to discovering new things to do with my own blog as well through this training.

I had fun creating my avatar. My husband and son even got involved as I was making some of my choices. My husband liked the outfit and the fire hat is for my son!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thing #2

I enjoyed watching the presentation about lifelong learners. The easiest habit for me is Habit #2...accepting responsibility for your own learning. As a child I loved school and couldn't stand to miss a day. Now as an adult I thrive on continuing to learn. It is exciting to me to find out new things, learn new ways to do things, or develop my skills. I seek out ways to learn new things now just as I did as a child. The most difficult habit for me is probably Habit #7 1/2...Play. I think sometimes I am too serious and I forget to have fun. This is an area I need to work to improve.

Thing #1

I am excited to participate in this program and learn new things about blogging!